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bottom pour tilesDrawing on its many years of development & applications, Gateway International Minerals & Metals Corporation (GIMM), in both the United States and abroad, produces and distributes Bottom Pour Tiles to the iron and steel industries for the pouring of liquid steel with the following features:  

-Clean steel production through the elimination of gas pick up.

-Elimination or minimization of impurities inclusion from de-oxidation, re-oxidation and refractories particles.

-Control the surface quality and maximize yield by avoiding shrinkage & segregation.

-Enhance ingot yield through the elimination of puddle leaks and breakouts in the refractories.

-Control the cooling and consolidation of molten steel in conjunction with the use of the appropriate insulating hot tops and bottom pour fluxes.

Bottom pour tiles, hot tops and fluxes form the core competency and business of GIMM

GIMM's bottom pouring refractory layouts span from a 16 way mold layout (octagon with sprue weight of over 800 lbs.), a 4-way mold layout (square with sprue weights over 250 Lbs) to a 1 mold layout (square with spruce weight over 900 lbs) to accommodate a heat set of 10 pieces of general shapes to heat sets exceeding 60 pieces of various specific bottom pouring shapes.

GIMM's premium bottom pouring refractories lead to the production of clean steel (killed, semi-killed, rimmed) for application in the energy bearing, automotives, aircraft, heavy commercial and machinery industries in both the United States and abroad.


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