Technical and Logistical Support

Gateway International Minerals & Metals Corporation

GIMM offers a one stop bottom pouring refractory supply service by
providing the following resources at the disposal of the customers:

  1. gateway international mineralsConceptual development of bottom pouring refractory layout, designs of refractory shapes, prototype and sample runs in the initial set up phase.
  2. On site review and advice on the usage of refractory. Development of operating standards for cost & quality measurements (for example, monitoring the residue steel & refractory for ease of ingot stripping, discerning any particular trend in puddles or leakers).
  3. Development of SPC data & documentation for the continuous cost & quality improvements.
  4. Advise on and provide the heat set packing to maximize the ease of refractory installation at the preparatory station. This is crucial for efficient turnaround labor and floor utilization in high volume pouring operations.
  5. To deliver and ware house the bottom pour shapes in a secured and convenient locations to the customers should it be required by the customers.
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Gateway International Minerals & Metals Corporation

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